Jitterbug Activity

This Activity, designed by the Exploratorium, participants will create a motorized toy that seems to dance,
using a recycled CD and a DC motor.

Visit for the activity plan and videos of how to build your own!

STEM Identity

Get kids working together on a surprisingly challenging task. Kids will think critically, stay engaged and even get a little silly! Enjoy bringing out the importance of careful observation, drawing and note taking with this yummy activity!

Practice observation skills. Communicate clearly for a purpose. Write descriptively.


Get Animated

Explore the concept of the persistence of vision and explore the relationship between frames and time. 

Activity Idea
Make short animated projects using freeware

Materials & Equipment
Flipbooks (samples)
Sam Animation freeware
Laptop computer
Basic recycled materials e.g. Bottle Caps, Paper Cups, yogurt containers, foil

Activity Steps

Puff Cars

Experience a hands-on activity that blends STEM and youth development.

Activity Idea
Building an air powered car

Materials & Equipment
3 straws
50 cm. of masking tape (you measure)
1 piece of paper
2 paper clips
4 Lifesavers
Tape ruler

Activity Steps
Your challenge, as a table, is to build an air powered car using only the materials provided and within the limited timeframe. 

You Are What You Eat

Experience a hands-on activity that enables them to sort, classify, and interpret their findings.  

Activity Idea 
Participate in a zany archaeological dig through a preselected pile of everyday trash.

Materials & Equipment
Butcher block paper
Plastic gloves
Glue sticks

Activity Steps

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