About the STEM for All Project

The STEM for All project is made possible by a grant from the Noyce Foundation and developed by the Center for Afterschool Education at Foundations, Inc. and YouthLearn at EDC. Our goals are to:
  • expand the integration of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) content into out-of-school time programs across the country
  • contribute to statewide systems of support for integrating STEM activities and projects into afterschool programs
The Center and Youth Learn are developing and piloting a STEM workshop to show how any program can start offering more STEM content as part of their day-to-day activities and ongoing projects.   The workshop aims to:
  • Build confidence in offering STEM
  • Illustrate techniques and strategies
  • Show resources of activities, projects, websites, and community resources
  • Show how to connect with schools and school content
  • Provide directors and trainers with staff development and support tools
The tools for conducting a STEM for All training will be made available in Fall 2009.


About the Center for Afterschool Education at Foundations, Inc.

 Foundations, Inc. is committed to improving the quality of educational opportunities for children across the day and throughout the year, in schools, during out-of-school time, at home, and in communities. At the Center for Afterschool Education, we want nothing less than to transform the out-of-school hours into the dynamic, engaging learning opportunities all children deserve. Out-of-school time – extended day, afterschool, summer – offers a world of opportunity for children to explore, discover, learn, and grow. It demands skilled leaders and staff, and high quality, effective programming.  
The Center for Afterschool Education provides technical assistance, professional development, consulting, and practical tools and publications to strengthen quality, and bring learning to life afterschool. Drawing on decades of experience in school, afterschool, applied research, and extensive practice in program operations at K-12 levels, we work with national organizations, school districts, state agencies, programs, and partners to provide services and build systems to make high quality afterschool education the norm for all children nationwide. 
Visit us at www.afterschooled.org


About YouthLearn at EDC

The YouthLearn Initiative offers youth development professionals and educators comprehensive services and resources for using technology to create exciting learning environments.  YouthLearn, created by the Morino Institute and led by Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC), provides tools you need to start or strengthen both after-school and in-school programs.
Ever since the Morino Institute launched the YouthLearn Initiative as a pilot project in 1998, we've seen that after-school instructors and classroom teachers are hungry for relevant, creative materials that can help them make good use of new technology and help them turn good learning programs into great ones.
Visit us at www.youthlearn.org