STEM Identity

Get kids working together on a surprisingly challenging task. Kids will think critically, stay engaged and even get a little silly! Enjoy bringing out the importance of careful observation, drawing and note taking with this yummy activity!

Practice observation skills. Communicate clearly for a purpose. Write descriptively.


  • Food that looks similar to itself. (M&M’s, baby
    carrots, chocolate chip cookies, Nacho Chips)
  • One large Freezer bag

Activity Steps

  1. Pass out snack to students.
  2. Instruct: Open your snack package and select your favorite chip or carrot etc…
  3. Kids can eat any other piece of their snack, but should keep that snack item separate.
  4. Instruct: Memorize everything that you can about the item that you set aside.
  5. Instruct: Draw pictures of the item and write down characteristics.
  6. Ask: “Get to know your item as well as you can.”
  7. Next take all of the observed items and put them into the freezer bag and mix them up.
  8. Ask: Find your own item, the one that you had observed. The item must match the hard evidence that you wrote down in your notebooks. Verbal reasoning does not count!
  9. Collect all of the snack items and put them back into the bag.
  10. Instruct: Exchange notebooks with another student. Everyone must find the item described in the notebook only based on the written information recorded by their classmate.
  11. Note: It will be difficult or impossible for students to find their exact item. That is okay. Get students discussing what other information they needed.
  12. Begin a discussion about why it was hard to find the snack.
  13. Try it again at another snack time to see if kids are more thorough with their observations.

Extend It!

Can you extend this? Write down the questions kids had.
What’s next?